May 3, 2018

What To Do In Jacksonville – Some Pointers

Jacksonville is often regarded as the perfect destination to serve as a place where visitors to the Atlantic Coast in the United States can start off their exploration of this fascinating part of the U.S.

For those who visit Jacksonville, it is the perfect base from which to explore other parts of the coast such as Atlantic Beach, Amelia Island and Ponte Vedra Beach.

But even for those who do not want to take a trip to these wonderful destinations Jacksonville still has a variety of other attractions that will make any trip there an experience in itself.

When people who visit the area ask what to do in Jacksonville they are usually surprised that the city has a number of great destinations that will make any trip there a wonderful experience both for individuals and for families.

There are a number of great attractions such as world-class zoos which will provide educational and fun activities for the whole family to wonderful arts and cultural destinations that will delight anyone with an interest in the historical and cultural heritage of this wonderful part of the United States.

For those with an interest in the great outdoors Jacksonville is full of wonder.

An easy half hour drive from the center of Jacksonville one finds Amelia Island. With long expanses of pristine beaches and a rich history of pirates and freebooters calling in at its ports this is a place that will delight both young and old.

Pay a visit to the Museum of History and find out why this fascinating part of the U.S. was chosen by some of the most notorious villains of the High Seas as a regular stop off point to fill their holds with the supplies that they would need to sail into the deep blue seas to relieve other ships of their cargoes.

Or for those who want to see nature up close and personal take a trip into the waterways that surround the area and see alligators and wild horses in their natural habitat.

For those in love with the idea of exploring arts and culture (and wildlife), there are a number of attractions that should not be missed. The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens should not be missed – and the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary will expose the younger members of the family – and those with an interest in wildlife from across the globe to some of the most impressive flora and fauna to be found anywhere in the world. The Museum of Science and History is also well worth a visit.

For those who want to explore all things culinary Jacksonville is the place to be. A trip to the Riverside Market is absolutely essential where every Saturday some of the best organic produce in the area is on display.

The areas surrounding Jacksonville is a wonderful a place for the entire family to visit. It should not be missed. When we ask what to do in Jacksonville – the question should be more what is there not to do.